Social Media Marketing Services

We have provided businesses and non-profit organizations with quick-set up and training on the most popular sites. We have also designed full-scale programs, complete with posting policies, editorial calendars, customer profiles, and brand-centric updating that we manage, giving the organizations we work with hands-free engagement.

Case #1 – Recreational Sports Facility Monthly Facebook Contest

Our clients have gained benefit and real ROI from social media sales and leads campaigns, customer service, greater brand awareness through social channels, research and survey data, as well as blogging services, and customer loyalty programs.

Research, targeting, profiling, implementation, evaluation, and optimization are some of the Social Media Marketing services we provide. Our services, big or small, provide experience, insight, and a solid starting point for action-oriented efforts with business results in mind.

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Digital Public Relations

Using Twitter as an outreach tool for our clients, we have generated media exposure in various trade and niche publications.

Case #1 – Technology Start-Up Media Coverage

Additionally, our community efforts have provided research and customer survey data. We have been able to trouble-shoot and provide customer service help via social networks, including Twitter. Most importantly, we have used the communities developed through Digital Public Relations efforts to compel others to take action on behalf of the organizations we work with.

Local Business Service

We have provided restaurants and travel destinations with highly optimized directory listing services.These services, when done correctly, increase search engine ranking, positive input from customers, and an overall increase in online awareness.

Case #1 – Golf Course Optimized Directory Listings

These services have helped various businesses gain increased exposure and at a fraction of the yellowbook prices. More importantly our Local Business Service works. They have provided our clients with more opportunity, more traffic, and more positive online referrals and reviews.

Consulting, Speaking and Training

Our clients come to us with a common dilemma. They are interested in joining Facebook and other social networks, but feel unsure about how to get started using social media for business purposes.Through remote training, we provided practical, effective guidance for marketing with Facebook and Twitter to teams in four different locations. Your organization can reap the benefits of social media involvement with long-term confidence.

Case #1 – Travel & Leisure Destination Team Training

Our training tools, including our custom field guides and white-label pamphlets provide anyone from Executives to Technicians with the right vision, insight and the practical skills to navigate the social web.
We are leaders in the field of Strategic Business Communications, our insight is your advantage.
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